Pearl Jam Twenty Review

Saw it last night on theatres here in Lisbon and as a fan all i could say is that i was blown away by the whole movie.

I left the theatre wanting to see them live again and fully understanding why i love them the way i do , it´s something that it cannot be explain , you have to feel it  , no words can describe it:)

As a whole the movie covers mainly the birth of Pearl Jam  , all the struggles they went through after the rise to the top , the battle with ticketmaster and the tragedy of roskilde in 2000(where 9 people died) to these days…

There was so many highlights…from the sad story of Release , to the Single´s Party , the formation of the band after the dead of Andy Wood , Stone Gossard finding a dusty grammy in the basement of his house (LOL) , Eddie chocking up when talking about his friendship with Jeff…there are to many to name really 🙂

It was truely an awesome experience to the point of when a video of betterman live at madison square garden came on i was taken back to september 5th 2006 when i saw them in lisbon (my 2nd time seeing them) and i was in the balcony seeing 20.000 people sing the chorus.
That “image” somehow re-appeared yesterday during that part and it was september 5th 2006 all over again…just an amazing amazing feeling 🙂

Although it was the end of the movie that really gave me goosebumps and that performance of Alive , there are really no words to describe what i felt , i couldnt stop smilling the whole time and thinking “this is why i love them…best fuckin band in the world and without any single doubt the band of my live…i dont know how to say it words but this is it right here! This feeling …it´s this…” to some might seem over the top but to me it isnt…

Thanks for all the (great) music Pearl Jam.
Thanks for all the answers i got out of it that helped me understand myself a lot better to this day…still does to be honest 🙂
Thanks because of you , i´ve met the woman i wanna spend the rest of my live with and love with all my heart each and every day. 🙂

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