Optimus Alive 2011 – Day 1 Review

Another edition of (in my opinion) the best music festival in Portugal. This year and to celebrate its 5th year it was added an extra day to the festival , in my opinion only to able to bring Coldplay but im not complaning because im a huge coldplay fan 🙂

This year´s headliners were Coldplay , Foo Fighters , 30 Seconds to Mars and Jane´s Addiction and all of them were big names but the biggest difference from this years edition was that the undercard on the main stage was not as strong as other edition , the only day that had that was the Foo fighters day with bands like Iggy Pop , Xutos e Pontapes and My Chemichal Romance (im not a fan but they have quite a big fan base).

I went to Day 1 , 2 and 3 so i will be only reviewing those days of course 🙂 So without any futher a due(cause it´s been 2 months since it ended) here it is 🙂


It was a good show ,  im not a blondie fan but i knew a couple of songs(who doesnt lol) and to my surprise Debby Harry still moves quite well on stage and does put a good show! The lead guitarrist seemed pretty good with some good solos. As i said above it was a good show and they even did a beastie boys cover when they performed “you gotta fight for your rights to party” which was a surprise.


The reason why i was going to this day.

The last time i saw the  in Lisbon was in the X&Y Tour in 2005 so i was hoping for a great show from them and so it was 🙂

After seeing them live at Glastonbury via webcast i sorta knew what songs were be played since they are not a band that changes their setlist very much but even knowing that i was truelly overwhelmed by the whole show!

The new songs sounded great specially “Charlie Brown” and of course the new single “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” but to me the highlight of the show was “Viva La Vida” with that simple yet beautiful piano intro 🙂

To me (from the shows i´ve seen) it was the best concert of this years festival even though Foo Fighters were a very good surprise and an awesome show but that is for the next post 🙂

In conclusion here is the coldplay setlist :

01 – Mylo Xyloto
02 – Hurts Like Heaven
03 – Yellow
04 – In My Place
05 – Major Minus
06 – Lost!
07 – The Scientist
08 – Shiver
09 – Violet Hill
10 – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
11 – Everything’s Not Lost
12 – Us Against the World
13 – Politik
14 – Viva La Vida
15 – Charlie Brown
16 – Life Is For Living
Encore Break
17 – Clocks
18 – Fix You
19 – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

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