Rita Redshoes Live @ Aula Magna 28/10/2010

 The last of my 2 entries still about last year (having no time can do that you lol)

Amazing show as i was hoping for! The funny thing about Rita Redshoes is that i´ve been a fan since her early band Atomic Bees (Thanks Spoon! 🙂 ) so in a weird way i´ve seen her grow (musically speaking) which is a really cool thing to see!

Unfortunally i´ve never seen Atomic Bees live (i still hope that some day during one of her shows , Rita can play a song or 2) but from that point on i saw her every chance i can.

I´ve seen her as the piano player in David Fonseca´s band and i´ve seen her debut as a solo artist on Olga Cadaval in Sintra while opening for David.(A very special night…to say the least 😉 and to this day i still have both setlists , Rita´s and David!)

From her debut album Golden Era(which is a perfect debut album!) i cant remember exactly the number of show i´ve seen from her (specially in 2009) and i also had the privilege to meet her a few times.

The second album “Lights & Darks” is just has good as the first but it´s a very different album so it took a few listens to like it to be honest , but i can listen from start to finish now :p lol

About the show itself and as i said above it´s just funny to see how Rita is growing up and becoming a really great musician and songwriter.

The seats were not the best ones (sorry honey 🙂 ) but the music was more than enough to make it a really special night! The only downfall was that she didnt play one of my favourites song from “Golden Era” called “Once I Found You”. Besides that little detail the setlist was perfect , even the covers and colaborations with other artists.

Next step now that Aula Magna is done Rita…Coliseu!!! 🙂

Here is the setlist :

02.Hearted Man
03.The Beginning Song
04.Bad Lila
05.Coconut Island (Louis Armstrong Cover)
06.It’s a Honeymoon
07.Which one is the witch
08.Captain of my Soul
09.You Should Go
10.I’m on the road to happiness
11.One Cold Day (w/ Paulo Furtado and Ricardo Fiel)
12.Love What Is It? (w/ Paulo Furtado and Ricardo Fiel)
13.Fever w/ Paulo Furtado (Peggy Lee Cover)
14.Choose Love
15.Hey Tom
16.Marching in this life

Encore 1:

17.Rising Son
18.Dream on Girl
19.Oh My Mr. Blue

Encore 2:

20.I’ll Remember to Forget
21.The Goodbye Song


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