Eddie Vedder New Solo Album + Live DVD out on May 30th!!!!

What a great way to start the week!!!

Pearl Jam´s lead singer Eddie Vedder will be releasing on May 30th(May 31 in the US) a solo album called “Ukelele Songs”.

The album is a collection of original songs and covers performed by Eddie Vedder on ukulele and if you take into account the song Soon Forget by Pearl Jam  , we are on the way for a great album! 🙂

If this wasnt good enough also on May 30th(May 31st in the US) Eddie Vedder will release a live DVD made on his last US tour on August 16th and 17th 2008 at Washington D.C.

Below is the album and dvd tracklist :

Ukulele Songs  Tracklisting:

1. Can’t Keep
2. Sleeping by Myself
3. Without You
4. More Than You Know
5. Goodbye
6. Broken Heart
7. Satellite
8. Longing to Belong
9. Hey Fahkah
10. You’re True
11. Light Today
12. Sleepless Nights (featuring Glen Hansard)
13. Once in Awhile
14. Waving Palms
15. Tonight You Belong to Me (featuring Cat Power)
16. Dream a Little Dream

Water on the Road Live  DVD Tracklisting:

1. The Canyon
2. Sometimes  
3. Trouble  
4. Around the Bend
5. Girl From the North Country
6. Guaranteed
7. Setting Forth
8. Far Behind
9. No Ceiling
10. Rise
11. Golden State
12. Society
13. Forever Young
14. Ed Piano (Instrumental)
15. I’m Open
16. Man of the Hour
17. Driftin’
18. No More
19. You’re True
20. Ukulele Interlude (Instrumental)
21. Unthought Known
22.  Arc
23.  Hard Sun
24.  The Canyon (reprise)

PS : The image above is not the album cover.


2 responses to “Eddie Vedder New Solo Album + Live DVD out on May 30th!!!!

  1. What a great new !!! i’m waiting for this album. I think that it will be as great as what i was considering like a solo album of E.V. : the soudtrack of “into the wild” : WONDERFULL. I have the chance to live in Europe (France): I will have the record earlier ! THANK YOU ED.

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