Michael Buble Live @ Lisbon 2/11/2010

I gotta start this entry by being honest…i´m not the greatest fan in the world of Michael Buble , only knew a couple of songs when i saw him last november but man was i pleasantly surprised.

My girlfriend is a fan and to honest i do like some songs but as a major fan of seeing live bands/singers michael buble was one of those that i wouldnt say no to.

But it was just an awesome and entertaining show. The opening band (Naturally 7) was a great way to start the night and right after them Michael Buble took the stage , as i recall only 5 minutes after Naturally 7 ended , what a professional singer!

The show as i stated above was just a very very good surprise , he was very funny when talking to the audience and he sure can sing , the last song of the night was sang without a microphone and i could hear him!! Just an amazing way to finish the night and very good show.

If before i wasnt a fan of his after that night he gain a new fan here , call it pop call it whatever you want but he sure is talented in what he does and he´s damn good live also!!

Be sure to check it out if he happens to play in a city near you , you will sure have a great time!! 🙂

Photo by : Rui M. Leal


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