Guns n Roses Live @ Lisbon 06/10/2010

Another of my favourite bands played last October in Lisbon and as usual i was there to see them live!

A lot can be said about these new line-up of Guns n Roses but the truth of the matter is that they indeed rock! Slash , Duff , Izzy and Matt are long long gone and im not starting a debate of how they are better than this line up but the fact is that Axl got some really great musicians to fill the old line up shoes and they deliver!

I was a little worried about the crowd reaction to the usual axl beahviour of starting the show late (If you know anything about the band for a start , he always done this in the past , so be ready to wait) but to my surprise the crowd was willing to wait and with “only” 1 hour of being late(in other countries was more ) the show finally started and if everyone was expecting a 2 hour show …well lets just they were just surprised (as i was) because they played for 2 hours and 50 minutes!!! (the longest show i ever saw to this day!). If my memory helps me it started at 11pm and finished at 1.50 am! Unfortunally some songs from the Use Your Illusion albums weren´t played(would loved to hear Civil War and Dead Horse !! ) but the majority of Chinese Democracy  was played.

Due to the long show some people left during the show which i think its pretty fuckin stupid if you ask me , because if you are going to see a band play , you dont leave during the show(unless you are not enjoying the show , which i dont think it was the case) .

To all the people that also say that Axl is fat and lost his voice  ,let me tell you (or just see the video at the end) that he still has it , to do a 2:50 hour show with a fever(i knew later that was the reason he was late) its not something everyone would do i think.

Alson the Lisbon show was the longest of the whole european tour! 🙂 I dont know if they will ever be back but if they dont return this was an amazing way to leave Portugal , awesome setlist , great show and a really great fucking band!!! 🙂

Here´s the setlist :

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Welcome to the Jungle
03. It’s so Easy
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. Sorry
06. Shackler’s Revenge
07. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (James Bond Theme)
08. Live and Let Die
09. This I Love
10. Rocket Queen
11. Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Ziggy Stardust)
12. Street of Dreams
13. You Could Be Mine
14. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo (The Ballad of Death)
15. Sweet Child O’ Mine
16. Jam (Another Brick in the Wall Part II)
17. Axl Rose Piano Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
18. November Rain
19. Bumblefoot Guitar Solo (Pink Panther Theme)
20. Better
21. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
22. Nice Boys
23. IRS
24. Nightrain
25. Bumblefoot Guitar Solo
26. Don’t Cry
27. Madagascar
28. Whole Lotta Rosie
29. Jam (Waiting on a Friend)
30. Patience
31. Paradise City

Photo by Rita Carmo @ B


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