Pearl Jam @ Hyde Park , London 25/06/2010 : A Dream Come True!!

What a dreamy weekend it was!

Being in London for the 2nd time and this time with the perfect company in the world (you were great too sister , dont be sad 🙂 ) and with her seeing the best band in the world (somewhere in the middle of that huge crowd in the picture above).

But first let´s start from the beginning , this whole journey started when on christmas day my girlfriend offer me a ticket to see Pearl jam with her in London on june 25th (my reaction was priceless and it was recorded in video lol)

After 6 months of paciently waiting(and at some point hoping the iceland volcano would stop throwing ashes) the day was finally here!!! Our flight was scheduled to leave Lisbon around 7 pm but around 3 pm she called me and said there was a delay and the flight would only leave at 11 pm!!!

I tried to stay positive and not worry about , after all this was my dream coming true…nothing could go wrong. When we arrived at the airport and saw the flight screen things looked better as the flight would now leave at 9 pm but strangely all flights to the uk were cancelled (due to the french strike ).

But even with that happening i was still trying to look positive but inside i was starting to worring a little bit.

After the check in we went to eat something and then went to our gate waiting for 9 pm and all of a sudden the flight was delayed again this time to 10 pm!!! At this point i was worried but trying to dont show it and always saying that things would turn out alright!!

So we waited and waited (denmark vs japan was on as i recall) but when things couldnt get any worse … well they got!! Our flight was delayed AGAIN!! Now for 11 pm and now i was really worried and for the first time i couldn´t contain it inside me , i was trying to listen to music , watching tv but my eyes couldnt leave the flight screen , after all those months of waiting all could be leading to me staying on lisbon… and i would be completly devastated if that happened but around 11 pm things got better as the plain arrived but even with that i wouldnt rest until i was on the air.

So we finally entered the plain and as the plain closes the main door , there was an announcement that there was a problem with the entering tunnel , it was stuck to the door of the plain and to this time i was really freaking out , what was a only  few minutes seemed like an eternty but after hours of waiting and more waiting we were finally in the air on our way to London , England!! Uncle Eddie and company here we finally come!!! 🙂

We arrived in London around 2 am and it just felt great , i remember the first thing i thought was ” we are finally here , cant wait for tomorrow!!) , after an hour and a half on train and 30 minutes on bus we ended up arriving at my friend´s house around 4 am.

We were exausted but happy ! 🙂

The next morning after a good night (what was left of it lol) we eat something and went to hyde park to see Pearl Jam 🙂 On the way there we got lost and found an italian couple who also happened to be lost and the 4 of us finally figure it out how to get to the festival.

After a while around 4 pm the festival started and the line up was the following :

Robert Francis

Never heard about him before and it was an ok show , just 30 minutes so it went by really fast.

The Gaslight Anthem

Also another band that i never heard anything about but to my surprise they were actually kinda good , just a normal rock n roll band with some good tunes even if i didnt knew any songs 🙂

The Hives

2nd time seeing them (saw them at Optimus Alive 2008) so i kinda knew what to expect but also to my surprise they were actually a lot better than 2 years ago in Lisbon and did a really good show and Pelle Almqvist (the band´s frontman) is just a very very funny dude 🙂

At this time the shows were getting better and better and thank god Wolfmother cancelled so that The Hives could replace them 🙂

Ben Harper and the Relentless 7

What the hell happenned to Ben Harper? He used to do so good songs but in the last few years it seems he lost that ability  and his show was just mediocre with the only hightlight being a duet with Eddie Vedder when they sang “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie.

A few minutes before Ben Harper started playing me and my girlfriend were joking around if Eddie Vedder would show on stage to do Under Pressure with Ben. During the Pearl Jam australian tour(Ben Harper was the opening act) and on the last show of the tour during ben´ set they did under pressure. So we were kinda hoping since we were on England that they would do the same thing and right of the bat , on the second song Ben introduced Eddie and the rest is history , an amazing version of Under Pressure and definitely on of the highlights of our trip to London!!

Pearl Jam

Finally the reason we went to London was here!! Around 8 pm Pearl Jam hitted the stage and all hell literally broke loose 🙂

We were somewhere between row 6th or 7th in front of Mike mcCready and all of a sudden during the first two songs (they opened with Given To Fly followed by Why Go) we were sucked by a wave of people , we were going left , right , up and down and didnt had any control about it , its seemed like we were in a sea and waves were coming in all the time.

We soon realized that we wouldnt survive much longer and went to the back hoping to find a safer place to see the show . We called that moment “the medieval battle” , because it seemed like we survived a battle (looking back it was something cool to be apart of but at the time we both hated it) and even Eddie looked worried about it and told the crowd to take 3 steps back to relieve some pressure up front (one of the many reasons i admire the man , he worries about the fans!)

So we went to some place safe and enjoyed a couple of songs right until Even Flow started , in that moment some drunk dudes show up from the back and started moshing like there was no tomorrow and we went away from them , during it Unthought Known started and my girlfriend got hit in the head with a plastic bottle , problem was the top still hurts and that was exactly what hit her. Despite this rough start we finally got to a safer point and could enjoy the show a lot better.

It was just an amazing show with the highlights of hearing for the first time live songs like Amongst the waves , Unthought Known , Nothing Man(what a song!!) , a brand new song called “Of The Earth” , Just Breathe was awesome with Eddie forgetting the lyrics and afterwards telling a very funny story about hearing a redneck from texas singing the song , Red Mosquito with Ben Harper as a guest (although it was a shame that they didnt do Indifference!!) , Go but the major highlight of the night was hearing the song i was really hoping that they would play…PORCH!!

When i noticed the first riff i was blown away  , i couldnt believe they were playing it !!! (i just started to listening to it now on mp3 LOL couldnt resist 🙂 ) I putted my bag on the ground and just let it loose and started rocking out like there was no tomorrow!! And it was such a good performance by the band , i finally got to see one of my favourites songs by Pearl Jam (thank you so so much for this opportunity honey , only you know what it really meant to me!) and if the song itself wasnt enough to make it a special moment at the middle of the song someone in the crowd throws a freakin PORTUGUESE FLAG to Eddie ! He caught it and putted in his back pocket , but just seeing/hearing Porch with that happening and being million miles away from home just putted the whole show into a different light , it was so special , that in a way i still feel (even if it wasnt) that Porch was for us!! For all the sacrifice we made to get there , all the worries when waiting for the plain to arrive , etc etc.


They closed the show with Yellow Ledbetter and i couldnt be happier , it was truelt an amazing experience and a fuckin great show!!

Here is the setlist

Encore 1

Encore 2

The weekend that followed the show was also mindblowing good , it couldnt be any other way with the person i was with , its those times that makes me so sure i met the woman and girlf of my dreams…but that will have a entry of its own right after this one 😉


One response to “Pearl Jam @ Hyde Park , London 25/06/2010 : A Dream Come True!!

  1. Não teria descrito melhor my love 😀 Já não me lembrava de todos os pormenores..e depois de ler isto só me vem uma coisa à cabeça…todas as coisas boas que temos tido ultimamente têm sido tiradas a ferros e a muito custo…isso dá-me ânimo para aquilo que tu sabes..:) Love U

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