Happy Birthday Pearl Jam !! 20 Years and counting !

Happy birthday to the best band of all time (in my opinion of course 🙂 )

I just became a fan in 2006 but they are without any single doubt the band of my life.

Their songs , lyrics , melodies really turned my life around for the better. I always loved music since i was a little boy but i went through some really tough times a few years ago to the point of isolate myself from society but after September 4th 2006 (the first time i ever saw them live , i went to the show only knowing a couple of songs and their latest album at the time “Pearl Jam”) my life changed.

To anyone reading this this might look way over the top but it´s the true. Things and inner demons that  always manage the hold me down through the years somehow eddie´s lyrics were like salvation to me and i started to find out more about myself and the life around me in that way. Through Pearl Jam i became a better man and most important through pearl jam i met the love of my life , the one person that makes me happy no matter what and the person i wanna spend the rest of my life with and in a funny way the only person in the world that understands why i love pearl jam so much.

Cant tell you what´s my favourite song is because there are so many that really mean so much to me personally but “I am mine” , “Alive” , “In My Tree” , “Porch” , “Grievance” , “Last Kiss”(even through it was the first lol private joke) are some…

So thank you for everything Eddie , Mike , Stone , Jeff and Matt , keep rockin like you do and most important keep doing good music 🙂


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