Rock in Rio Lisboa 2010 : The Full Review

Let´s face it , this was not the best Rock In Rio Lisboa ever!! A lot of bad choices in my eyes as far as bands goes , a lot of them had already played the festival in previous editions (Shakira , Muse had already been headliners ) but overall there were some good surprises !!

Skipping the first day (just look down and see the post about it) i went to the rest of the days except the “Kids day” when the headliner was Miley Cyrus (most known as Hannah Montana) , at the time i was moving outta my parents house and spent a day whatching kiddie bands with so much work to be done i gladly skipped that day and the rest of the days i just went to see bands or artists that i really wanted to see.

So this is my full review for the rest of the Rock In Rio Lisboa 2010 Festival

Day 2

Just went to see Sir Elton John. I was kinda curious to see him , not that i was a big fan but its freaking elton john , its impossible not to know some songs and to my surprise it was a really good show. He was in a very good mood and very talkative to the crowd. To me it was the surprise of the whole festival. I wouldnt pay to see him but it was a very good 2 hour show , the only downside was that i spent all day singing his song from the Lion King soundtrack and he didnt play it 😦 but as i said before very very good show!!! 😀

Day 3

The only day of the festival in a weekly day (Thursday) but that never was an obstacle for me to go to a festival or a show lol.

A few days prior to that day i had some bad news concerning this day. Sum 41 cancelled due to an accident with a band member and they were replaced with Fonzie (a really REALLY lame punk rock portuguese band) so with that happening only bands i wanted and went to see were Snow PAtrol and Muse.

Snow Patrol

I thought i didnt know many songs by them but through out the show i started to notice i knew many songs and alongside Elton John´ show a couple days before this was also a huge surprise.

The band seemed really appreciative of the crowd and there was a lot of interaction between both parts which is always a good thing in a show 🙂

If they ever come to Portugal again which i think they will , i gotta see and recommend anyone to go see them !!

Really great live band! 🙂


2nd time seeing them , saw them in 2000 at the Ilha do Ermal festival , they were opening the festival , first band onstage lol and 2 years ago at Rock in rio Lisboa.

What can i say about Muse live that the world doesnt know already? Even if you dont like their lastest album (which is my case) they just give you a superb rock show from start to finish 🙂

Only downfall was not hearing New Born but when you are in the middle of the show you just notice it after all set and done :p

Day 4

Kiddie Day lol

Day 5

Metal Day today , from veterans Motorhead ending with Rammstein , this day was for the strong ones 🙂

Probably the day i was more curious for a number of reasons , not a big fan of any of the bands play but as i said before very curious to see some of the acts!


Never a big fan and never will be , its just noise and distortion…thats about it!

Highlight of the show… First time i ever saw a crowd do a wall of death and let me tell you its something i never want to be apart of , its scary!


Only knew 3 or 4 songs being two of them an entrance theme for one of my favourite wrestlers ever (WWE´s Triple H) and sadly i knew they were not gonna play those! (I even took my Triple H shirt but to no effect lol)

But it was a very classical old rock n roll show , lemmy is great and so is the rest of the band so its something i dont mind seeing on a future festival , ace of spades was a blast 😀


2 friends of mine were and still are huge fans but its just not my type of music with that helping mustaine´s voice was just a wreck and i didnt knew any songs so that also didnt helped at all.

one funny thing that i notice and never saw in a show before was that on one of the sides of the stage there was a clock couting down the remaining time for their show to end so it was kinda funny to see the time going by 🙂


Probably the band i was most curious to see on this year edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa.

Always heard a million things about their live shows !! The pyro , the stunts , everything was just crazy in a very cool way and that´s exactly what it was a very cool and staged show with lots of stunts and pyro and very good songs!

Still have my doubts if i ever will pay to see them live but if the ticket isnt that expensive i will go for sure!

They are a very good live band and their show just adds to the experience 😉

Be sure to see them if are into heavy metal !!

The only downfall of this day was the feeling and environment of the crowd…lots of drunk people and fights breaking everywhere , pissing on the floor and for sure one of the most terrible environments of a festival i ever seen. 

See you in 2012 Rock in rio Lisboa!! 🙂

All Photos by Rita Carma @ Blitz


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