Rock in Rio – Lisboa 2010 Day 1 Review

Welcome to the 2010 edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa  Review!

This year i didnt went there to see all acts so i will only be reviewing what i saw , i will make some notes about what i missed.

First of all my apologies for the late entry(it was supposed to be online last monday) but i didnt had time to write since right now my life is really busy with work , school , music festivals and most important of all im moving away from my parents house into my new home with my girlfriend!!*very happy!!!* 🙂

anyways…here we go!

This year the line-up was weaker than in previous editions and as always there are bands that repeat their presence at the festival(one of the big flaws of the festival).

The more critical cases were Ivete Sangalo(a famous brazilian singer) and Xutos & Pontapes (one if not the most known rock band in Portugal history). And acts like Shakira and Muse repeated their presence again (Shakira headlined the first day of 2006 and Muse played in the festival last edition in 2008).

This day the festival schedule were Marisa(a famous portuguese singer) , Ivete Sangalo , John Mayer and Shakira.


Only heard her through the radio , not really a fan of her and i heard she did a really awful cover of “Come As You Are” by Nirvana.

My mom and sister who went to see her loved her…

Ivete Sangalo

Arrived at the festival half way during her show and was amazed by how many people already were there!

Never in any previous edition of Rock in Rio had i ever seen such a crowd with only the second act playing!

Let me start by saying in not really a fan of her music or any brazilian music in general but lets be honest ivete sure knows how to grab an audience and do whatever she wants with it.

A show with a lot of interaction is always a show that in my eyes is a good show , u cant just arrive , sing , say goodbye and leave. To me there´s gotta be something more than that to enjoy a good show (there are some exceptions of course to that rule!)

Like it or not Ivete sure knows how to throw a party and with very good carreer she knows exactly when to wake up a crowd.

You may even (like me) not like the music but some songs of her are so well known that u cant help yourself but to dance a little to some songs.

Call me a jerk but the only thing i didnt like it was the deliberate call for a return to rock in rio to brazil. I dont know it just felt wrong her saying that (more than one time actually!) .

With her set being over it was time for what i´ve been waiting for that day…Mr. John Mayer!

John Mayer

What a great surprise and a really great great show!!!

I only knew a couple songs from him but my girlfriend is a big fan of his early work so it was with a lot of anticipation that we both went to see him.

The first thing i loved was that this was actually a rock/blues concert!

Lots of solos by Mr. Mayer (i didnt knew at the time that he was such a good guitar player) and he even left his band shine a little during some songs. One of the most iconic sentences of this edition to me was said by him during the end of one of the early songs. He ended the song and just said “Goodbye photographers! Hello Lisbon!” the way he said was just hilarious!

Since i was just a casual fan lots of the songs played were knew to me but i actually liked them! He reminds me of a eletrical version of Jack Johnson.

Highlights of course were songs like : “Waiting on the World to Change” and “Bigger Than My Body” and i was really surprised he didnt played (what i thought was his biggest hit) “Your Body Is a Wonderland”

He ended his show with “Gravity” and a really awesome guitar solo!!!

Without any doubt this was the best show of the first day of Rock in Rio , it was really a shame that he wasnt the headliner and that Shakira was next.

Setlist :

“Heartbreak Warfare”
“No Such Thing”
“Perfectly Lonely”
“Waiting on the World to Change”
“Bigger Than My Body”
“Who Says”
“Half My Heart”
“Why Georgia”


With the great show by John Mayer over it was time for Shakira to take the stage and close the first day of Rock In Rio.

I had good expectations with Shakira , always heard that she was great to see live by reviews of other shows she played here in Portugal so i was hoping for a really good show from her.

Unfortunally that didnt happen…it all started with an indian(?) intro that was just weird. Also i think the setlist was not all that great , i know she´s supposed to promote the new album but correct if i´m wrong but isnt the album an ENGLISH album? It was weird because most of her songs were in spanish.

Yes she played her biggest hits like “Whenever Whereever” , “Hips Dont Lie” and “Underneath Your Clothes” but there was just something missing there , she talked a lot with the audience (and congrats to her with a really good portuguese actually!)

It was just a letdown all around and the more the show went on the more i would find out that the first song i ever heard from her (i was just a little kid at the time i think and now that i think about it my favourite song from her) “Estoy Aqui” was NOT played at all!!

Also of all the popstars these days Shakira is maybe the only one i admire a little bit because she actually writes and plays her own songs and i always thought she add an edge of rock n roll in her but if she had it well…its gone now for sure!

In conclusion what i thought it was going to be a very good pop rock show turned out to be a huge letdown…it was really a shame…

Setlist :

“Te Dejo Madrid”
“La Tortura”
“Whenever Wherever”
“Underneath Your Clothes”
“Las de la Intuicion”
“Si Te Vas”
“La Pared”
“She Wolf”

Encore Break

“Hips Don’t Lie”

All Photos by Rita Carmo@Blitz


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