Victor Quintela(Corduroy18) R.I.P

Last Tuesday Vitor Quintela died in a tragical car accident on A4 (a portuguese high way) at approximately 7.30 am.

He was coming from a Franz Ferndinand show at Queima das Fitas(a collegue festival in a way) in Oporto when the car he was on suddenly crashed.

He wasnt driving the car(he was in the back seat) but died instantly according to the police.

I never knew him personally but i know for a fact that he was a really big Pearl Jam fan and we used to talk sometimes at Pearl Jammers PT ( the portuguese community of pearl jam fans.

I gave this a lot of thought and if i should do this entry but i decided to do so even if i never met him , he always seemed to be a very cool person.

There is an online petition to do some kind of homage to him at Pearl Jam´s Concert on july 10th at Optimus Alive!

Sign here :

So this one goes to him!

RIP Vitor

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