Heroes Season 4 – The Season Review

As April comes to an end and May starts so most tv shows start to end their seasons.

It was the case of Heroes as Season 4 came to an end with(to my surprise) only 19 episodes this season.

After a mind blowing season 1 , a terrible season 2(in my opinion the writers´ strike really hurt the show ) and a mediocre season 3 much was expected of season 4 and how the show would rise again and remain strong like it was in season 1.

Unfortunally it wasn´t as good as season 1 but it was a lot better than season 3 not to mention season 2!

The addition of actor Robert Knepper(most known for playing T-Bag in Prison Break) was really a great choice and the character Samuel Sullivan portrait by him was really good and left until mid season without knowing if he was good or bad and what was his in-game plan.

The season 4 plot was good but some characters just don’t have the edge they used to have in previous seasons.

The most clear example is Claire Bennett(played by Hayden Panettiere)

She has become an average character and the iconic sentence from season 1 “Save the cheerleader , Save the world” no longer means anything! We are left with the story of Claire trying to go through collegue and trying to fit in which is lame to say the least and a recycled story from season 2.

Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia) is a very confused character and it came to a point that i really didnt understood how he goes from being able to get all the powers that other people have to just being able to get one power at a time.

Hiro Nakamura (Played by Masi Oka) has become a joke and after being almost dead this season (at one point i really thought he was going to die , cause he´s character was just useless) . Almost all season he was used as a comical character and that just sucks because he used to be this really cool character along side his best friend/side kick Ando (played by James Kyson-Lee) which strangely now also has a power.

But there was also good things !

As i mention above Samuel Sullivan and the whole Carnnival story was great (at least i thought so) and how could i forget probably the most badass and cool villain in tv history Sylar(played by Zachary Quinto)!!

Sylar is probably the only thing that leaves me still wanting to watch the show after the end of each season,  although one thing that heroes always was able to pull of great was the season´s finale but we will get to that in due time.

Noah Bennett still is a very good character and along side Sylar is one of the remaining characters from season 1 that is able to still have some edge to it , although his meaning in the show most of the time is to protect Claire.

Although Heroes had some rough seasons , as i said above one thing they were able to pull off perfect was the season finale and this season was not exception , the last minutes of season 4 were really great and the cliffhanger for season 5 was great and really went full circle from the beginnings of season 1.

Let´s hope they are able to make season 5 because at this time it´s still unknown…although i think there will be one because Volume 6 has started so if they knew they were cancelled they wouldn’t start a new volume but future will tell…

In Conclusion it was a decent season and maybe Heroes can finally rise to the great show that once was 🙂

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