Law Abiding Citizen

What a great movie!!!

Went to see this about a week ago and really loved it!!

Butler is starting to really show how diverse of an actor he is as he really is as he is just awesome in this movie.

Foxx is also great and the chemestry between both really helps the movie in my eyes , not to mention the writing which is also fantastic (some good lines between butler and foxx , my favourite is ” It´s gonna be biblical !  ” )

The Plot is very good and makes you on the edge of the movie the entire time , not knowing how they will end up dead and how exactly is the murder killing all their victims even if he´s behind bars all the time.

Not sure if it´s still in theatres here in Portugal (or whereever you are reading this ) but it´s a really good movie  so go see it !

Rating : 9/10



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