Just A Dream III

Just A Dream III

sun goes to sleep inside a million clouds
after another day of hard work
the moon rises between the last rays of light
and there she stays guarding the sun at night

as for me i just left your side
and i feel incomplete
because u complete me in every single way
because when im by your side nothing else matters

so i arrive at my bedroom
and as i lay inside the covers
i contempletate the most beautiful paint
i ever layed my eyes on…there we are…and u look so gorgeous

my eyes are starting to feel so heavy
and my last thought is for you
“sleep well my love…love you”
i fall asleep…

but all of a sudden i wake up…
and look behind me and to my surprise there u are
sleeping to precious and tenderly next to me
how i wish i could sleep inside those dreams of you

all of a sudden and when i close my eyes
and as i open my eyes i found u stare at me
with the most beautiful smile in the world
and as my heart melts i cant stop but to smile back at you my love

so we get outta bed…and fly through a perfect green valley
made of beautiful roses and tulips dancing along a soft brise
that the gods made just so we could watch the flowers dance
and there we lay watching the neverending soft blue sky

and as we are layed against eachother
i get up and look deep into those beautiful eyes that u got
and kiss those tender and soft lips
everything is perfect like it is as im with you

i hold u next to me and whisper in your ear
hold on to me my love cause i will never hurt you
and all the love that my soul and heart have to give is just for you
i love you!

but all of a sudden a strong ray of light comes running against me…
i wake up and its a brand new day
as im layed in my bed all by myself
but always with u in mind!

it was just a dream
but a perfect dream of a perfect day with u my love
a perfect day like so many we had and will still have!
maybe it was a premonition…but i just loved it!

in the end it was just a dream
but i came to a point that my love is a dream come true
i found my saving grace , my shore
my angel , my love and most important of all
the woman that i can honestly say that i love from the bottom of my heart

to u my love…reading these words as i´m looking at you
all the words in the world can be merge into three words…

Written by : Pedro


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