An Angel ( Part II )


An Angel (Part II)

Waking up saturday morning
With you always in mind
Another beautiful morning
Like the ones we shared so many times

Driving to meet you
Like i did the day magic happenned
But this time everything is different
For the better my beautiful angel

You turned my once grey life
Into a life full of colours
Into a beautiful dream
With the love that you give me every single day

So kiss me oh kiss me my love
Let us fly into that silent void
where we choose love and leave out all the rest
this world has to offer

And once i found you in my arms that night
I promised you my love
As i promise you now once again
In this edge where it all started
That i will never let you fall into the dark

With a light and a full of love heart
I will reach for your hand
And hold you close to me
Like birds given to fly

So here and now
And as u are reading this
All i want you to know
Is how madly and deep in love i am with you my love

Because nothing matters when u´re here
The world can collapse but we will remain here
United and together my love
Always and forever
Together… in real life!!

PS : Amo-te 🙂

PS1 : And I Love You Because You Know Who I Am (estava a dar esta musica quando estava a fazer o post 😉 )


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