another day comes to an end
the night has fallen
and i just arrived home
with u always in mind

i take my shoes off
and i lay in bed
looking up and thinking of u
even if i just saw u 15 minutes ago

this is my home and my bed
but as time passes by so does the years
and this human being that once was a boy
is now a man

looking left i wish u were here
because i´ve found a new home
and that new home is in your heart my love
laying next to u while i pass my hand
on that soft skin of ours

some say its impossible to be happy or so i heard
but after discovering love in your eyes
i finally realise what true love is
and what is the real meaning of the word happiness

looking at my mobile phone another text message from you
and i just cant stop smiling
even a simple thing like a text message is enough to make me
smile like i never smiled before

this feeling that has grown beyong
anything i could possible imagine
is so beautiful and pure
and its all due to and for you my love

and as i close my eyes
my last thought is that i dream of u
because i finally found my true home
and that is next to you 🙂

Escrito por :  Pedro

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