Million Miles Away



Million Miles Away

sitting on a rock
side by side with this shore
we shared so many times
looking up to the horizon

the sun is about to go to sleep
ahead as far as these eyes can see
clouds gather around to form your face
and i smile because i miss u my love

i close my eyes and picture u next to me
this is the place where it all started
where i found my happiness between your arms
and those beautiful eyes

a blow of wind passes by
and i tell it to stop for me
so i could give it a message
to deliver to your ears my angel

i miss your smile
i miss your touch
i miss your soft skin
i miss your breath
coming closing in on me
when our lips are about to kiss eachother
i just miss you my love

but at a million miles away from me
i know i live inside that beautiful heart of ours
as u live inside mine
covered in silk pure sheets

and there we will stay
always and forever
bounded to eacother
like 2 perfect souls
in eachothers hearts

forever and a day
in complete harmony with one another
always and forever
love you… even when u´re a million miles away
for a few days like now
i will love you
always and forever my beautiful angel

Written by : Pedro

🙂 (L)


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