Sitting upon a star


flying up there in a blue sky
crossing white clouds full of love
going nowhere but towards you
taking you next to me to the unknown

in green pure valley we land
and rest for a while
we lay down and look at the blue sky
in which we flew and as we stare into eachother and smile
nothing could be more perfect

taking deep breaths i hold you again my love
and start taking you in the journey of a life time
because u are the one i wanna have next to me
until the day my eyes are closed forever

we fly through the whole universe and pass hundreds of planets
but as we cross a meteor shower u whisper in my ear
“please dont let me go now” , i hold u next to my chest
and breaking through all meteors i look into those
beautiful like pearls eyes and tell u that u would never
have to worry about it again , i would hold u forever and ever

in the middle of the milky way
a falling star falls beneath us
we comtemplate the moment together
as we are about to arrive to our unknown destination
and i tell u to trust me and close your eyes
and so u do

landing in a soft ground
u smile trying to figuring out where we are
and as a blow of wind comes crashing down on us
u realize we are on somekind of high ground
but at the same time it feels safe and warm

i kiss those tender lips of ours and stand in front of u
and tell u to open your eyes while i hold your hand
u open them and just smile as u hold my hand stronger
not believing in what your eyes are seeing

we are sitting on a star
in the middle of the universe
but somehow all planets are lined in front us
with stars falling from up to down like a pyro show just for us
completly overwhelmed u ask me how come i was possible to do such a thing…

and as i hold u again next to me and look into your eyes
i simply tell u that its the power of our love
of what i truely feel for u that gives me such a huge strengh
because for you i would change and give you the entire universe

so i close your hands with my fingertips
running through that soft pure skin of ours
and just whisper in our ear
i´m so in love with you my beautiful angel
and kiss you my love of my life * 🙂

Escrito por : Pedro

Desenho por : Pedro

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