Settling Everything

acabado por ser escrito a teu lado 🙂

vais ficar boa rapidamente my love…trust me 🙂 *** Love u more and more each day

Settling Everything

wake up
morning comes to rise another day
and as soon as i hope my eyes
i imagine your eyes looking at me

i never been happier than this
i just wish i had the power to stop time
so that everytime im with u
those moments could last forever

and the birds could fly
in an unknown sky
made of just soft calm blue

and our 2 souls would bound
like 2 lost wonderers
travelling through time
searching for each other

just like a flower needs water
so did these 2 souls
once so lost in time
but now finally together forever

and in this new found dimension
the lost stop on a once dark way
everything now shines in colours
as they have eachother

in the end , all it was needed
was right in front of them
time eventually settles and joins everything
and it did to them….forever.

Escrito por : Pedro

2 responses to “Settling Everything

  1. my love espero que sim…:s
    já estou fartinha….:s

    oh yeah…escrito mesmo ao meu lado 🙂 e lindo para nao variar….

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