An Angel

walking around
in a halley
in an empty street
im never alone cause i´ve got u

staring at cars
wondering how u are
if u are safe and fine
thinking of u always puts a smile on my face

i´ve been wishing out
for the days to pass
so that i could see u

the angel that once
fell from the sky
the one that makes my nightmares
become dreams in a middle of the night

the best thing that ever happened
in this life of mine
my angel…
dont be afraid…let me break that shield of ours

let me whisper to u
all these things that somehow
once got lost in translation
but now are so true and genuine

and if there was a gate
to bring u next to me
i would open it
so that u could make me complete

society says
that u only notice what u lost
from the moment u start to miss it
and in the end that is so true

but i opened my eyes
hoping is not to late
to take back what was almost mine
cause right now there´s nothing i would want more

dance with u , hold u next to me
as the waves crash into the wet sand
beneath our feet
as the stars light this beach we shared so many times

Escrito por : Pedro


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