Blending Light


Ontem á noite deu-me para olhar para a luz do meu candeeiro na minha secretaria e este poema veio-me a cabeça …

Blending Light

dawn´s falling down
night rising outside
the wind goes to sleep
inside an unknown cloud

a light in a dark place
a shadow speaking silently
inside an hollow object
waiting to be release

full of power
there she stands
watching over others
giving away whatever she cans so this world becomes a better place

she escaped…to an outside world
but everything is so dark
as her vision she lost
and all she has is her own light

giving small steps she walks
on a world she thought was long gone
is every direction she looks
everything just lights up

amazed…surprised…she stands
trying to understand this strange phenom
darkness , sadness , grey
given birth to joy  ,  happiness and colours

so she lays down in a new born
valley of green grass , roses and waterfalls
closes her eyes and smiles
feeling the wind running through her face

a smile is formed
as a tear of joy runs breaks free from her eyes
she finally understood
why everything changed

darkness can surround u
but there´s always an inner light
inside us to guide us
through our dark times

to in the end
let us see
just how colourfull
life can really be

Escrito por : Pedro


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