The Road To The Unknown

No meio de uma conversa seria…so eu para me lembrar de titulos de poemas… (sou muita estranho :X)

aqui fica

The Road To The Unknown

i woke up one day
another common day
when the sun rises
and the moon falls down

a frozen silence takes me
makes me run away
just to find myself alone
in an unknown road

i never saw this place before
but then again
i never let myself walk this road
before it was just easier to give up

but i changed…
im willing to fight
for what i want
for who i desire

im just a simple man , no shield
walking barefoot , with my heart in hands
hoping i can find the blood
to my heart once again

so i walk from now on
in the road of the unknown
not sure what i´ll find on the way
but secretly hoping

that by the end
of this road
the angel i let slip through my fingertips
in the past is there

Escrito por : Pedro


One response to “The Road To The Unknown

  1. não sei se esse caminho te vai levar a algum lugar seguro…mas o tempo o dirá… vénia para o teu dom… \o/ .o. \o/ .o. \o/ .o.

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