Exorcising Demons

Im Finally Free After So Many Years… 🙂

Wrote this today around 8.30/9.00 am at work

Exorcising Demons

inside my dominions
locked forever i was
holding back
arrested by my own mind

opened my eyes one day
just to see a different kind of life
rebooting is not easy
and sometimes not everything is cleared away

like a spy u standed grounded
demons i thought i had exorcised
waiting for the moment to strike once again
and there u were

but this time
like an army standing grounded
i saw what u did all this time
and exorcised u from me forever

im not the soul i used to be
learned , grown and became stable
stable enough to build a defense
against all of u

darkness blocked me long enough
i was willing to change
for a better end
it took time but i changed

so u came
out of the shadows of my soul
to spread what u kept on spreading
all these years
wanting to bring down this soul again

but i shot u down
the moment u showed your claws
enough is enough
and i will never subjugated by u ever again

im not alone
and maybe i never was
but u made me see a world of solitude
just to make wake up and see the real world

i exorcised my last demon
my last ghost of a life that once was mine
i got a clear path in front of me
to where it will lead i dont know

but im willing to find out
cause this new me is a newborn soul
that is finally free
from all the chains that once locked me inside myself

Escrito : Pedro


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