A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time

and the day has come
so the night is born
as others went by
this one sure could be remembered forever

clouds lined in a blue sky
as birds fly by
landing in a green soft gress
above in a mountain made of flowers

soft brise of wind
whispering in the sky
arriving to unknown destinations
just to there …smile

the sea crashes into the rocks
like a pyro lightning the night
almost silent so the crickets
can speak at ease at least tonight

and in the air
two souls dance
discovering the sky
discovering eachother
in a moment in time

but time never stops
moving forward
never backwards
the moon is there to mark the time

closing eyes
last vision…the sea
thoughts crumble down as trees
falling to ground

in the end
a last remaining thought …
cherish the moment…
cause they may never be duplicated again…

Escrito por : Pedro


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