Cold Winter

Another one written a long time ago (actually two years)

Cold Winter

its been long ago
since my cell phone saw a call from u
i look at him trying to find any shades of u

but the words have been spoken
and as cold as the winter
things got frozen
like a cold arrow broken in a million pieces

i still got pics
your lovely smile is still here
and looking at it
always make me smile

maybe i could get myself free from u
and im sure i could do that
but as a friend , that is something
i can never do

I wish I Could call u
here where i am
but its raining outside
and im afraid only lost words
come out from my thoughts

I wish i could call u
and show u a beatiful world
full of joy , full of life
full of love

but u turned your head and declined it
and im left here in this now cold winter
holding pictures of u

and as the clouds get together
to make a stairway

i wish i could call you
here where i am
but from now on

im just waiting…
for the stars
to take me heaven

Escrito por : Pedro

One response to “Cold Winter

  1. só de olhar para a imagem fiquei cheia de frio (porém tenho aqui o super aquecedor II :P)

    lindo para variar..:) vais escrever as nossas letras nao vais?? ehehe

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