he doesnt live
he doesnt sleep
he doesnt care
hidden between shadows
invisible to all eyes

unable to feel
but making others feel
he fucks with the brains
of others with any shame of dignity

he doesnt get scared
walking below the dirt
of above the air
running as a hero with capital crimes comitted

and i suppose he always get his way
cause i never seen him get caught
and as virus he just multiply
to make a planet worship jim like a falling miracle angel

he gets in vains
breaking every single path
in his way, no caring about what that path means
to him is just fun

and once inside
he just stands still
blowing from the inside
and smiling while grabing the pieces
of the destruction he caused

an ultimate virus
that after centuries is still at large
with no barriers in their way
running free

a virus called love

Escrito por : Pedro

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