Frozen Moment

magical rainy day
closed between four walls
rain crashing down the window
like the words falling from this mind

breathable air dacing along
wet trees in the horizon
like a strange marching band
marching to the sound of an enigmatic silence

clouds line up in a neverending sky
like an invisable crowd they gather
waiting for some big unknown happening
lightning bolts like children pop their head in anticipation

the wind is steady
only drops of rain
fall down like petals
of new born flowers

wet hairs
flying smiles towards a common thought
eyes like a lost lighthouse
point their way into the sky above

whispers fly away
like notes of a melody
like pieces of some lost paper
into the horizon they will land

closed eyes  , completly wet
hearing nature speak
they stand still
hearing eachother whispers

on this magical night
that even if a million miles away
they hold eachother
in a moment…in a frozen moment tonight

Escrito por : Pedro

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