The Meaning

The Meaning

on a city full of shadows
a piece of paper flys with no destiny
inside only dead written words
of an era when everything was so simple

tumbling down , getting pushed around
by imaginary blows of wind
mind blowing ray of lights
the meaning has become more and more lost

nothing seems like as it once was
its like a green garden turned into a desert of skulls
a graveyeard for souls
that can only see their sins

he gets caught by unknown hands
and in that moment he wonders if
the meaning will somehow shine between
the confusion of words

but as soon as the meaning begins to show itself
there he goes fly again with no feeling at all
crashing down against every single
pile of land ready to confort his pain

funny that when he saves itself
from pain he wonders at all times
if in the end the words that are still written
are now to blury to be notice at all

and to the unknown
he will run
feeling the rain , the sun , the ice
run free through his vains
waiting for the true meaning
finally make sense someday

Escrito por : Pedro

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