Locked Up

escrevi isto hoje no emprego… e visto que nao ponho nenhum poema aqui á um tempo aqui fica 🙂

espero que gostem 😡

Locked Up

walking up front
bus stop ahead
and it just cant stop raining
no ceiling to hold off the rain tonight

dark street
the lights ran into safe place
like i should be right now
if it wasn´t for this damn rain!

hollow sounds
cold wind
and a sharpen silence is broken
by the sound of a girl sitting on a rock

talking to herself
whispering her life
seeking help…
in front of an invisible audience

her own hitler
praying to millions of drops
falling from the sky
just like the tears she once shed

first hate turned her life upside down
then  death ripped everything to shreads
just to leave her with a million
crazy overwhelming thoughts inside her head

i try to send her a glipse of hope
but she´s locked up inside her own world
unable to hear , drowned in her own issues
talking like a lunatic

so i wait and wait
for a neverending ride
rain keeps falling
and there she stands like a statue

guess sometimes u´re better on your own
but in the end everyone needs a hand
may it be issues , self inflicted problems
to raging lunatic prideless dreams…

but u cant hide from the world
because in the end
even the world caughts up with u at some point…

Escrito por : Pedro


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