Last Vision (Chapter I)

well this next poem needs an intro… really terrible shity day at work  , lots of stress , really really bad day.

so what did i do to try to avoid that?? well lets write something lol (yeah im a bit weird…whats new? :x)

when i ended it showed to one of my friends there  , he liked it and dare me to write a next chapter  , seeing visions from the otherside…which will be my post after this one…

as for now here it is 🙂

Last vision

on a beach
light years far away
watching waves crashing down
on the innocent valleys of sand

dont feel anything
odd waves dancing through pieces of
some now black sand
is the end so near?

blue sky turned red
the power of the sun
slowly fades away like rain
crashing into a multi color sea

the air that once was invisible
is turning visible
turning everything into grey
am i allucinating or is this real?

i look back and the green pure shore
has been broken down to common rocks
why is everything falling apart
when my eyes seem to be more sharp than ever?

making a way through whats left to see
the sun is dead and only ray of light
lights my way…it seems im alone in here
and its getting cold and cold as every seconds passes

this strange darkness surrounds me like a hole
all i see is black now
strangely enough i finally realise
the cold truth of it all

some say u see a tunnel and a white light
as for me…a perfect beach was my last vision
i fall down not feeling like a weakling
but accepting the truth…

im dead…

Escrito por : Pedro

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