A Different Dimension (Chapter II)

the end of this short story , read the previous post for the first chapter

a different dimension

woke up today
eyes hurting from high lights around
weird white place
made of neverending horizons

not alone as i was before
but everyone seems to be frozen here
looking into holes
silence reigns supreme in the unknown

moving forward
trying to make some kind of conversation
they´re all are quiet
looking at life moving forward down there

sat down not knowing what to do
wondering about her…
was she ok?
was she still alive?

all of a sudden
this black hole opens in front of me
and a clear sight of her
is created…

there she was…sitting next to the shore
looking up above…
tears of pain falling through her face
crashing into the floor below

not caring about anything
i let myself fall through that strange hole
landing behind her
dont worry now honey…

black tender hair dacing alongside the wind
how i missed you…
but as im about to feel your body
my hand walks right through her…

im invisible…
am i a cursed soul…an angel…
what am i?
i cant stand this …

i try to scream has much as i can
but only silence noises come out
it seems im stuck here
now i understand why they all just stood watching…

unable to speak a word
im doomed to walk this planet forever
watching everyone i cared about…
and not be able to do a damn thing…

guess this was my ultimate sin
my ultimate curse…
to live right next to you…

Escrito por : Pedro

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