New Found Freedom

New Found Freedom

u were a disease
made of spike thorns
made me bleed twice…unclosed wound
now closed forever

a lesson learned for good
shallow people are like fire
the more consumed…the more they want to consume
with their high stupid immature pride

i just dont care now
im free from everything
feeling way to good to even looking back

i tryed everything i could
but when things arent just meant to be
then screw everything , i dont wanna be an inmate for life

erased from my life for good
i will walk proud
dont even think about come talk to me
if u happen to see me acroos a street
i learned a valuable lesson today

walking blind for ages
foul me once shame on me
foul me twice its time to learn
and i´ve learned

im not alone, im not sad
hell i dont even feel any regrets about this
im happy , way to fucking happy
i got friends and im free

as for u…u arent even a ghost from my past
things come and go
failed romantic relationships
but i stand here for the first time

happy , smiling
and loving deeply every second
of my new found freedom!
of my new found happiness!

 Escrito por : Pedro

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