The Box

The Box

inside my box is safe
inside this dark halley
i stand still waiting
for something to appear…

outside is calm
but here there´s a perfect storm
burried in feelings , fears
and so much more…

a small hole
to sustain the air
to sustain life
is life that thin?

ceiling is black
did the sky turned to black?
or am i really trapped inside my fears?
its dark…cold and im the only one here

i lifted my arms trying to raise
this hollow and strange ceiling
cant do anything about it…
its impossible to escape…the darkness…

exausted , washed in tears of rage
im unable to do anything to escape
my destiny…hearing voices now
they´re haunting me inside this place…

arm on the edge i beat myself
to climb and find hope…
the small hole is always there
but what´s outside…the unknown…

so i wait…months and years
surrounded by demons…i wont turn into one
the moment has got to be upon me
the breach of hope is near…

after being almost beat up by death
i gather whats left of me
and climb these walls of pain
sharp rocks painted with blood…my blood

its getting warmer and less dark now
i feel my demons trying to put me down
how come they never gave up…?
but that strange light is getting closer…i wont stop now

so arm after arm
i try to scream like to many times
trying in vain to kill my demons…
but this time they are vanishing beneath my feet…

the hole is getting near
the air is getting breathable for the first time
i strech my hand to grab thelast piece of rock
raise my head and look into the hole…

a blank white light burns my eyes…
a soft brise melts my face
is this the peace and quiet i´ve been looking for?~
am i free?

adjusting my eyes is hard
but for the first time my heart beats
the dark passanger is melting
giving birth to a new me
im what i always dream of being…

im myself…
im free…

Escrito por : Pedro

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