A Different Light

A Different Light

saturday morning
tears are falling from those closed eyes…
inside a faithfull dream she lives…
painful tears shed in silence …

she wakes up with her heart
almost coming of from her chest
head in her pillow she thinks
is this ever gonna be real again?

walking out with a smile on her face
to her only night haunts her life
between a gasp of happiness
to a raging blow of pain when the sun starts to fade away

but time goes on and on
days have turned in months
months into years
right as fast as the wind flys

talking to shadows
inside her empty bedroom
hoping she could take away the curse
that has been casted upon her

but soon came the day…
her heart exploded
no longer she says while crying
this has to end!

non control rage tears
come crashing down into the frozen floor
heated by some old machine
as her soul is just a wrecking boat

falling asleep in her own sea of tears
she wakes to a different morning today
not crying…tired but not dead
something gotta change today…she thinks…

exausted of waiting for a sign
a different light lights through her bedroom window
a warm ray of sun runs through her eyes and face
in a sign of a new life without being held to a ghost…

she rises up from the ashes
of a long time lost war
the last step was given and nothing more can be done
but smile and move on..

into a different light
she steps into the unknown
not knowing what to find
but at least she´s finally free …

a small step and a smile hidden
just a shy smile but full of self inner trust
she´s not alone…as she never was…
and with the hands of angels that were always there
now she flys to happiness…

a very well deserved happiness!

Escrito por : Pedro

🙂 \o/

3 responses to “A Different Light

  1. Eu as x nem leio os teus poemas, pq pá, eu não sei como as palavras fluem de ti, certeiras, transparentes….

    Só pode ser um Dom… 😀


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