Just A Dream

Another one written during the dark times of my life a couple years ago

 just a dream

dear diary made of thoughts
another day passes by
another night just arrives
i´m here once again putting my heart in some lines
trying to make sense as the words somehow walk out
of this heart

please grab my hand
make me smile again
make my wounds stop bleeding
make my sins disapear
make my wings strong again
so that i can fly away from this hole
i´ve been burried

without them i always end up to where i´m now
no matter how high i climb ,i always slip and come back to the beginning
i sit down..i think about ways to reach…ways to grab myself
so that i cant see whats up there
that magic , divine , beautiful place where i used to ran…those green valleys
where i could fall down and dont feel nothing…get up smiling without caring
if i had a broken heart or a fragile soul

so i close my eyes and focus…pray to some god i dont believe in anymore…
but still deep inside i´m hoping for someone to help me
but as usual no one ever appears…
the more i wanna feel and know what love really is…the more i´m sure
that i´m destined to be alone….

i look up and feel for the first time my wings getting stronger
and now that my feet arent on the ground anymore
i battle against my demons that still try to pull me down to where i once was….
but not this time…this time i´m stronger
as i reach the top and come out the sun still hurts my eyes
because its been days..months…years since i last saw the sun shinning up there
in that blue sky

but as i´m staring at the sun an angel comes down from a cloud
landing behind me without making a noise and puts her hand in my shoulder…
she then whispers to my ear : my child , my lonely but so precious child…
try to forget about whats been done to you in the past…try..just try to live
what´s in front of you with no fears…just be yourself and no matter how shy u are
others will love u for what u are now

just as soon as she takes away her hand i wake up
it was just a dream…im still here deep inside this hole…still fighting my demons
and seeing that light that it´s up there waiting for me to reach it….

the difference is that now i realise that i´ve to at least try…
as someone said to me once…just try…there´s nothing more beautiful
than trying….just try

Escrito por : Pedro


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