Ghost In An Empty Ship

Ghost In An Empty Ship

cold night
dark winter
with frozen hands
i stand here

lost in high sea
floating…going along with the flow
to whereever i´ll be taken
i just dont know

caged inside this place
nowhere for me to go
doomed to haunt this ship forever
was i that bad of a person?

nightmares poison my mind
when i close my eyes
vision of the hell i´ve been through
of the angel that left me behind

the wind blows harder and harder
like a raging bull trying to avoid death
in the middle of an arena

untaimed in its spirit
at least that is the one thing
they can never have from him
its his last treasure

and he will hold it dear
until the faithfull day
that the gods of the 7 seas finally decide
to release him from his curse.

Escrito por : Pedro


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