Pride´s Gone

este é um pouco grande , por isso tenham paciencia ao le-lo 🙂

Pride´s Gone

These tears that are falling
make so much sense
some say i need to be strong
but im just an ordinary kid
i came here like so many others
before me….but you my consciense
are my ultimate enemy

in these desperate times
in this desert that somehow
sustained me after so long
im still trying to find my way home
with the help of no one
i even lost myself
when the road is made of shiny gold
and there are a million signs

now the pride´s gone
the fears are almost gone
im trying sucefully to control
all the emotions that i burried
after so many years inside me

i close my eyes and see u
there are people out there
that are always out to hurt
but let me tell you once and for all
that i´ve made my own bed
and i will find my way outta here

now i packed what´s left of my pride
and go away from what i thought
could be a resting place

now the pride´s gone
the tears are gone
here in heaven
where nobody cries
but where everyone keeps telling me
they wished they could feel what life is

is this paradise? is this hell?
its not warm and its not cold either
where am i?
im still hanging on the same edge i once was
and they say that once you´re in here there is no way to escape

i run as far as i can from them and end up in a strange cave
everything is dark except this little table where a cup made of old wood is on

i grab the cup filled with some water
what if all i ever needed to escape from this
is the holy grail and some holy water combined?
they all say that only as one we can wash away our sins

i do know that nothing comes easy
but u always came around thinking that i never tryed
but never u knew that everytime i tryed i always ended
even worse that i was to start with

so i drink every single drop contained in that old cup
but as soon as i start to drink something happens to me…

its now night….there is a full moon in the black sky
its so calm and its getting warmer
a voice then starts to speaking inside me
“turn your tears into fire…turn your demons into angels
and my hero u will speak what u always dreamed of saying”

i hold my hands to the sky
focus as hard as i can
make weapons of my fists and scream as strong as i possibily can
a huge storm then gathers and lightning bolts come as razor blades
rushing as the wind blows harder and harder
suddenly the gold road isnt so gold no longer!!

in the end there was never a golden road
all was just an illusion created by my mind
i´m in the middle of a beach and smiling
not hating myself but thinking that
i finnaly took the final lesson in what life´s about
i´m just here laying and looking at the full moon
my wishes are forever washed and im getting better by the second

Escrito por : Pedro

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