it just seems that from where i come from
there was once a girl
hot and dangerous ….she was
once the all mighty leader of
her own rebel revolution

faith she had a lot and that
was the name she was known for
her true name….she hated it
and there she was….the old mighty and brave faith

to many she was a moutain of ice
cold and impossible to reach
she always seemed so strong
and never really needed anyone
she was fine on her own
living in this world that millions live

but at night when the courtain falls
there she was sitting next to her bed
head between her legs contemplating the floor
as her tears start to fall
and her true self walks from inside her

she hates being alone
and she can only blame herself for that
if only everyone could see what she´s all about?
but no one really can…

and as faith contemplates her present
and sees her future…she cant stop thinking
in what she wants to do now…
faith just wanted other life , other things
and just as her window she closes

she realises that her life just might seem
like the life of so many others
and maybe one day faith will find
someone that really understands
what she´s all about

Escrito por : Pedro


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