Velvet Sky


Escrito agora mesmo… 

Velvet Sky

on a flying thought
i lifted tonight
so i can be
what i can only dream of be

what i am is for me to keep
tryed to explain to others
only to get missunderstood
trying to explain what cant be explain
is sometimes impossible

inside this skin there´s a boy
lived through dreams never living them
eyes that dream while awake
signs of innocence perhaps
signs of hope i say at least im alive

i tryed to love
but that just seems to hurt more than death
i tasted freedom once and that sure felt nice
as i look at the sky just to make sure
that in that velvet soft sky i can always hide

a society full of rules
the ones that are impregnated in you at birth
why everything has to be so damn straight?
this world is coming to an end
and i never really followed any rules…

maybe thats why im so missunderstood
but at least im free from any chains
but if i am that why cant i fly?

so in this rock i will leave this written
so that one day others may understand
whats inside the mind of these words

at the end of it all
im pure and calm with my thoughts
as i always was…nothing else left to hide
i smile and fly… up there inside that velvet sky

im free…

Escrito por : Pedro

One response to “Velvet Sky

  1. i adore your mind…

    Só para dizer que apesar dos dias serem curtos, atarefados, de o sol estar ainda muito morninho… eu estou smp ctg!
    que apesar de o tempo voar, sem termos tempo para muitas palavras, estamos sempre uns com os outros!

    Abraço apertado, beijinho grande!

    Friendship RULAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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