The Answer

wrote this a couple days ago…

The Answer

strange is the word
that tonight surrounds me
as i look above
the only thing i see is shadows…

thin light across a sea
that has never been discover
could tonight be the night
where i will throw myself in those waters?

i stand here
wondering about my whereabouts
about finding any kind of hope
in these words…

im not sad , im not crying
im just thinking outside my mind
i fly above the sea now
looking down above and making little circles around clouds

i may be trying to speak with these shadows
but im free and still unable to say a word
as the waves crash into the sand

so i smile into the sea
feeling free and happy
and somehow the fishes come together
and make the sea smile back at me

in that moment , i land in a soft cloud
rest my head and open my eyes…

i finally got my answer…
im at ease with what i am and most important
im alive and happy with myself!

Escrito por : Pedro

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