Come To Me

Este poema ja foi escrito á uns bons anos atras (3 ou 4 acho eu) mas segundo algumas pessoas , é dos meus melhores poemas. 🙂

Come to me

another night , another sun that disappears in the sky
a day that comes to an end
but i dont need the sun to feel the morning come
i dont need clouds in the sky or to hear the birds singing
to make me dream about having u in my arms

open up your heart
and let me raise a rose there
just a pure , soft rose
maybe then my dry tears can stop falling from my face
maybe then i can reach u and whisper in your ear
all these feelings i once thought of sharing with u

baby i know love is a 2 way road
i know its about giving and offer
but please oh darling , dont let this come to an end
come to me , let me tell u how special u are to me
let the wind come and takes us in a cloud just for us

if u could just understand that everytime u look at me
a bit of my heart is filled with hope
hope that i could never find anywhere else

even when i look at the darkest sky
i know there is always a shiny star
that somehow always makes me smile and dream

i know it takes a lot to love someone
as it takes a lot of pain and courage
to cry real tears…tears that one day will mean happiness
when i finally feel your head resting in my shoulders

so please baby , let these shadows fall between us
come to me , let me tell what i truely feel
let the wind come and takes us in a cloud just for us

i dont want to end up alone
but the more i look into your eyes
the more i´m sure that all the water that this fountain has
is starting to fade away
and eventually one day when u or someone decide to taste it
there will be no water left no more

Escrito por : Pedro

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