Haunted World

Haunted World

tired and exausted
rage and sad building up inside
young kylie sat today at work
while thinking about ways to let it all out

first she arrived
calm and hopefull
wondering what a new world
she had landed on

out spoken in her own way
she started to living in this new world
comtemplating tomorrow and tomorrow
was at one point a shadow of the past

but soon enough
the lords of darkness
the ones that deep inside
struggle to keep innocent souls taimed

they threw the first chain
and like a stone it became a part
of young kylie
she could no longer get rid of that now

but she hold on
as long as she could
until the faithfull day
that the last chain was thrown

inside her by now bleeding heart
the blood became rage
and the until now so calm and peacefull kylie
turned into a unleased warrior

and now that a secret warrior
was finally unleashed
young kylie will kill
all those forsaken feelings

she will be free from a world
that was just to dark for her
and in the shadow of light
she will reign supreme once again

Escrito por : Pedro


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