She Woke up
another morning like the millions
those eyes have witness
another pair of hours to try
to be accepted…she thought

she always saw herself being different
she couldnt say why…she used to say
“its just these feelings you feel
when everything seems to be bad”

and there she goes again
pretending to be what she isnt
kissing and making love to a man
she doesnt even love him
but he loves her and she just pretends to be happy
in her little mind she thinks : ” at least im loved”

at dawn when the moon rises
there she is again alone
talking to her ghosts and telling them
that she´s just misarable
she could stop everything
but she´s afraid that she will never find
anyone ever again

and now that she lays in her empty bed again
crying silently , holding her pilow
she feels so sad and nobody knows what she truly feels
that every single smile she gives was just an invisible tear
that every kiss was a silent scream

and that every night she´s at home
feeling a million regrets for not having
the courage of trying to live again….

Escrito Por  : Pedro

3 responses to “She

  1. … são as tuas palavras gotas de chuva doce e morna… que se unem e formam fiozinhos de água… cristalina, pura…?
    … sim…

    … adoro a tua alma…
    … adoro quem tu és…
    … adoro as tuas palavras…



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