Inner Look

Inner Look

its been quite a long time
since i opened myself this way

it all seems so clear now
when it was dark and scary
i was lost inside myself
i was so close to u and at the same time so far away
from the one thing i wanted more

i trusted in no one and to me i was right
i lived my life like maybe only a few could
and these days i think no one imagines
just a few know..

while some shine for what they are
i cant seem to shine at all
and i wish i could shine
like the sun or at least
just shine….just that

life is a journey and what a journey it has been
i lost my youth…oh my god…i lost so many things
things i will never gain again
inside my castle i was looked
and now that im free from it
the world has changed so much

i feel i lost track of everything
im an alien in my own planet
i walk these streets hoping to fing
something that i can relate to

friends i have and i know they are always there
but how can they understand the pain that i sometimes feel
when im the first person that is unable to understand me

but dont worry great ones
i still be here no matter what
trust in u now i do
and maybe the sun is after all
starting to rise for me….

Escrito por : Pedro

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