Angel´ Shadow

Angel´ Shadow

this is my soul speaking through my mouth
these are my emotions locked in an empty body
tonight in this empty room
with no one around but u

this is me in the middle of nowhere
my body is hollow and im feeling so alone
so i look at the sky
and i see my angel up there

im hearing her voice
sweet melody singing lovely words
right to my heart
maybe im dreaming
but i want to see her eyes
before i die tonight

she kisses me and im taken away
to a place i never thought it could exist
well is this just a dream
or am i awake with my angel next to me?

i want to feel some love
and i hope that i will find it in u
because im so tired of being hurt
so please my angel be careful with my heart

but all of a sudden she holds me and whispers in my ear
im not the one for u
im just your imagination playing tricks with u
making u see how special u are

if u arent real why do i see u here now
why do i feel so calm and relaxed?
but then when i kissed those lips again
she just vanished like a vision
and in the end the only real thing in this place is me

i guess i was trying to dream
but then the dream was over
and i woke up and i dont know
what to do anymore because my angel no where to be found
and all i see and feel now is a shadow of her inside my heart

Escrito por : Pedro


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