dia de poema 🙂

pois bem este foi escrito á coisa de uns meses atras enquanto ainda estava na redware em alfragide e lembro-me que foi escrito em minutos , coisa muito rapida mesmo

espero que gostem , aqui fica ele 🙂


she´s crying in vain
crying holow tears
her life is the edge
just a reflection of her past

like a mirror she projects
her fears , her demons
she prays to god
but only the devil answers now

so she gimmicks others
trying to hide her disease
that way she wont break
from the inside

she runs away from life
hidden between little fragments
of pain and agony
her life is just becoming another reflection

the years go on and on
her inside has died
she now just waits to die
because those eyes cant cry no more

and since there are no tears to shed
she wonders where it all started
and the one thing shouldnt bring her down
was in the end the start of it all

love …

Escrito por : Pedro

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