once united
nothing on their way
just like a drop of rain
before crashing into the ground

jenny walks in the night
thinking about the past
wondering what went wrong
but in the end nothing really went wrong

is it fair?
because she once believed
that their love would last forever
but now her life is just an empty bottle
with no wine in it

she trys in vain to find the reasons
the meaning to his departure
but nothing notorious comes to mind
one day there he was…the other…distance set them apart

the stars dont line up tonight
like they used to , why , why??… she thinks
she asks herself with her bleeding heart
in those cold hands

but as always silence
is the only answer she gets
jenny could try to hide it
but this just hurts to much

and as she lays in bed
beneath the covers
she closes her eyes
and a teardrop falls

a teardrop of love
a teardrop that signifies everything they once were
just a small huge teardrop of pain
for someone far away
but so close
but so warm
inside her bleeding heart

Escrito Por : Pedro

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