Moving On… Lets See What The Future Holds…

One of the hardest and painfull decisions in my life…

I´m sure better days will come and im here to welcome them with open arms and a smile in face…

time to wipe all the tears shed … and feel the brise of the wind in my face and look at the horizon to see what comes ahead (and call me a poem geek but maybe write a poem about all this)

But im sure its for the best . And call me wimpy but this chorus is really great and basically resumes my feelings towards this all situation… with the “normal” corrections cause im not a girl.

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It’s personal, Myself and I
We’ve got some straightenin’ out to do
And I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But Ive got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big man now
And big men don’t cry

By : Fergie  Song : Big Girls Dont Cry

and yes i really like this song…so what? :p

in the end…. here i come future… embrace me…as i lay myself in the hands of the wind and sun…


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