Ultimate Truth

Ultimate Truth

in the dark he stands
with a fading light inside his eyes
he looks up and sees nothing
nothing but a dark ending maze…

for years and years
he´s been wondering around and around
beating himself alongside the cold walls
but he always came back to the same place where it all started…

once…he thought…
a trail of blood would lead him to a safe place
but as the years went by…
his mind became more and more gone…

the light that hold him
that guide him through this never ending maze
is now all gone
and darkness is all he sees

so one day
he stops and thinks….
looking at the unknown….
with nothing more to look than black

so he realizes…the ultimate truth
about himself…and all the darkness
and this never ending maze…

inside he´s just a wrecking soul
with no guidance , with no road
but what if…in the end….
what could save me and make him reborn
was just a hand full of true love…. ?

Written by : Pedro


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