Here´s To…

Here´s To…

Here´s to all of u
here´s to all the pieces left in me
to the ones who i hurt
and to the ones i will end up hurting

here´s to ana
the one who stayed until where she could
the first who gave me a hand
but as usual my demons cut her free

here´s to all of the ones i once knew
i raise this empty cup for the last time
to all of you…

Here´s to my friends…stay away and duck
dont get hurt…its just a matter of time
i cant seem to be able
to stop myself

here´s to a hopeless love
which got drowned in a sea
made of fears
how more twisted can my bdestiny be?

here´s to u…the one i´ll never forget
the soul like no other
the shine that came out of u almost healed me
but im just a wrecking human being with no fate or destiny…

to u…u will always be my one special thing in my life…
till the day…i die…

Written By : Pedro

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